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FSM – the Foundation for Family Health and Community Development- was founded as Romanian  organization by Swiss Red Cross in 2004.

In 2011 it was transformed to an Association: FSM.est – the Association for Health and Sustainable Development. The acronyms FSM and FSM.est are used synonym.

focus.dh is since 2008 the ‘sister‘ organization  in the Republic of Moldova cooperating with FSM. 


Both organizations are committed to:

- Support self-help and the participation of all community members for the development of their Community, including income generation and addressing the social consequences of labour migration.

- Promote the Health of Families and all community members: Children, Youth, Women, Men.

- Advocate the care for elderly and chronically ill and support home care.

- Raise awareness for gender issues and inequalities and take action against Domestic Violence.


Donors within the last 9 years, e.g.: 

Swiss Red Cross
Humanitarian Foundation
Swiss Government, Agency
for Development and
Cooperation - SDC
Canton Zürich
News + Events

For a better and healthier life
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2013 International Year of Water Cooperation
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25 November - 10 December, 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence
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